linrob GmbH celebrates its third birthday |

linrob GmbH celebrates its third birthday

More than 10 years ago, our two company founders already worked together. At that time, Andreas was still manufacturing design milling machines and Rainer was selling high-precision laser measuring technology. Even then, they both noticed that the wrong technology is often used for many applications. Most people reflexively turn to large articulated-arm robots for large-volume applications. However, these have poor repeatability and positioning accuracy. In addition, large robots often get in their own way and cannot properly approach positions at short distances. The use of the more inefficient technology is still regularly observed today. For this reason, Andreas and Rainer set themselves the goal of simply making robotics better.

From the idea to the product

If we look at the whole situation of a large-scale movement mathematically, it is logical that long movements should be made via linear axes and short ones via rotary axes. Even though rotary encoders are highly accurate, the larger the lever - the distance between the individual joints - the greater the angle error. This error can lead to deviations of many millimetres in large-volume applications. In practice, attempts are often made to compensate for these differences with expensive measuring technology. Of course, in addition to the increased time required for commissioning, this also represents a not inconsiderable cost factor. 

And this is where Andreas and Rainer's ideas for a linear robot come into play. What was on the market before 2019 did not correspond to what Rainer and Andreas had in mind. Either linear axes were special machine construction and thus had a long delivery time and high costs, or if the price was right, the existing axes were too inaccurate and too complicated for the user.

The goal was to:

  • Create a high-quality, low-cost system by transferring the technology of the design milling machines into a series product. Accordingly, the system should be significantly cheaper to manufacture than a milling machine but still have similar accuracies.

  • Our axis system should be as easy to operate and commission as a cobot.


It is also worth thinking outside the box

It was also important that Andreas and Rainer thought ahead from the beginning. Points such as Safety Integrated, Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance were on the priority list right from the start. Of course, our developers did not rest on their laurels with the linear axes. The existing USPs were refined, and further developed and new ones were added. For example, every linear robot has an integrated linear scale and control as standard.


  • Thanks to the linear scale, we always have the possibility to position very precisely and always know where we are - even if the power fails.

  • Thanks to the integrated control and its interfaces, each of our linrob's is compatible with any cobot or industrial robot within a very short time - regardless of whether a linrob is acting as a slave or master.




Due to these factors, our range extenders can be set up and put into operation within one day. Failures during operation are avoided by condition monitoring and thus the entire system runs more reliably.

Exactly these points - linear scale, integrated control, safety integrated - are things that our customers love. They can be always sure that their machine simply works, that it is easy to operate and integrate, and that it is simply safe even if there is no safety fence.

In addition, every configuration can be customised. This means that every linrob always adapts to your personal circumstances and can always be flexibly expanded. No matter whether your linrob is mounted on the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling or as a portal.


We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us so far and look forward to many more years of linrob linear robotics at its best.

Have we aroused your interest? Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your project!